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May 11th 2023:

"Dear Heather, Michael, Chef David, and John,


If food could speak—and I think it can—I know that last Friday, it roared with pride, beauty, and utter deliciousness. There were so many things I loved:  the herbs on the catering line that will be planted in the garden, the unique flower arrangements at each table. The FOOD itself—I had so many family members and friends just rave about everything. They were so impressed.  It is not always the case, as I am sure you know, that catered events at ceremonies are truly tasty.  Your group knocks it out of the park consistently, and this event was a real home run (forgive the baseball metaphor but it’s apt!)


Beyond all of that, the care that each of you took to come out and talk to all our guests, making sure they had what they needed, was truly special.  I also appreciate that you came to me to say congratulations. We are all part of one community, and each of you embodies that spirit.


So thank you, truly thank you for hosting an incredible event.  I’ll never forget it.  I am honored to be your colleague".