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Located in Miles Bibb Hall.

Michael J. Stimola opened a small coffee and sandwich shop in 1994 in Connecticut, Sandella's, named for his wife, Sandra, and mother, Ellajane. It offered traditional sandwiches on baguettes and artisan breads. In 1996, he introduced flatbread, a novel concept in the United States at that time. After developing new ways to use the flatbread (for paninis, quesadillas, pizzas, salads, and noodle bowls), Stimola eventually dropped the other breads and added Flatbread to the company's name. The flatbread differs from traditional tortillas which use vegetable shortening to keep the tortillas soft. Sandella's bread is traditional lavash, soft when fresh but dries to a crispy cracker-like texture when exposed to air over time. 

Offers include New England Coffee Roasters, candies, and a wide variety of gluten-free snacks. Use a meal swipe here with R.A.M.S on the RUN! 

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