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Meal Exceptions

A Meal Exception is a means of using a meal from the meal plan in a location other than the Dining Commons. Once the Meal Exception has been applied for with and approved by the Office of Dining Services, the student uses their FSUcard just like they would if they were using it in the Dining Commons.

Meal Exceptions are available to students with VALUE, VALUE + & PREMIER meal plans who have a regular and ongoing class, internship and/or work commitment greater than 15 hours weekly that conflicts with the McCarthy Dining Commons hours of operation. Conflicts that arise as a result of non-compulsory activities, such as club events or meetings, intramural & varsity athletic participation and other non-academic commitments do not qualify for Meal Exceptions.  Additionally, Meal Exceptions are not provided for unique, occasional or one-time conflicts.  Dining Dollars are included with meal plans to provide customers with the opportunity to make a purchase when they are unable to make it to the Dining Commons in these instances.

What is required of the students
Students must submit an official copy of their class, internship and/or work schedule to the Office of Dining Services.  This documentation cannot be handwritten or student generated.

  • This can be done either by email or in person in the Dining Services Office.
  • If they are unable to get a hard copy of their work schedule a letter from their supervisor or manager is acceptable. 
  • This letter must contain either the days and hours of their work schedule or the availability given to the place of work for scheduling. 

How to use the meal exception

  • The meal exception can be used anytime during the selected days anywhere in the Marketplace (Ram’s Den Grille, The Snack Bar, or Toasted), Sandella's Flatbread Cafe, the Juice Bar or the Red Barn Cafe.
  • The student has a limit of $8.00 for the exception.  Any amount over $8.00 must be paid for by the student using any other form of payment.
  • The student MUST tell the cashier that they are using a meal exception.
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