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Dietitian's Pick

Staying healthy can be a challenge. Stay on top of your snacking with Campus Dietitian Carolyn Dietitian's Pick. Every week Carolyn will pick a snack from the Snack Bar that is healthy and tasty.   This weeks Dietitian's Pick!
October 13, 2017

Campus Dietitian Carolyn's Events for October!

Join Carolyn, for Food Day, Healthy Halloween and other nutritious events this month!   Carolyn's October Events!
September 28, 2017

Ocotber FSU Dining Services Calendar of Events

Fall is here! (Sort of? We'll get there.) Check out all the events we have planned this month in our  October Calendar!
September 28, 2017

October Mindful News

Keep Halloween sweet without the added sugar! This months Mindful Newsletter will keep you on the healthy track.   October Mindful News
September 28, 2017

It's Your Chance to Win!

Choose the Next Mindful Soup!  Choose the Next Mindful Soup!
September 22, 2017

Eat to the Beat 2017

Enter Now!
September 25, 2017

FSU Student Culinary Council

Welcome back to campus! Our first culinary meeting will be September 22nd at 12pm in the Dining Commons. Join the University Dining Staff to voice your concerns or just chat. A treat will be provided!   Read about our last meeting!
September 02, 2017

Flavours of Autumn 2017

Catering Specials
August 21, 2017

Guide to Healthy Dorm Cooking

Looking for simple, healthy and affordable recipes to prepare in your dorm?   FSU Dining's Healthy Dorm Recipe Cookbook is Here!
January 16, 2015

Walk 1 Mile on Campus Today

Looking to get daily exercise in and feel like you don't have time? Take a lap around campus using this handy map. It's exactly 1 mile!  1 Mile Map at FSU
May 13, 2015

Shop & Pay Online

Making gift purchases fast & easy!   Buy Now
June 01, 2015

Framingham State Ranks #17 of 50 Great Affordable, Eco-Friendly Colleges in the US

Fifty of the most affordable and ecologically sound US colleges are ranked in a new web article by Best Choice Schools.  Read more
November 10, 2014

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