Work/Study From Home Guide

March 20, 2020


New Component
STICK TO YOUR ROUTINE If you workout before class every day or eat breakfast after your 8:00 a.m. class, continue to do so. Keeping your routines in place will add structure and normalcy to your day during this transitional period.

PLAN AND SCHEDULE MEALS AND SNACKS THROUGHOUT THE DAY Planning meals and snacks minimizes trips to the grocery store and will ensure you always have the right food on hand.
Pick A Spot

PICK A PLACE TO WORK AND STICK WITH IT This space should be somewhere that allows you to focus. By using this  same space daily, you’re signaling to your brain that it’s time to focus. 
Get Ready

GET READY FOR THE DAY Prepare for the day like normal. Maintaining routine grooming and dressing practices is a great way to send a signal to your mind that it is time to focus.

EXERCISE OR MOVE DAILY (ONLINE WORKOUT CLASSES, WALK, BIKE RIDE, OR RUN) Exercise has been linked to better mental health and focus.

GET AS MUCH SUNLIGHT AS POSSIBLE (AND WEAR SUNSCREEN) With the switch to online classes, you will be inside more than usual. Exposure to  sunlight helps normalize your body’s inner-clock and can help you sleep better!

flex plan

GO TO THE GROCERY STORE WITH A FLEXIBLE PLAN Fresh, frozen, and canned foods are all great options. It’s important to be flexible because your grocery store may not have the same foods you are accustomed to purchasing.

PLAN A MENTAL “COMMUTE” AT THE END OF THE DAY Taking a walk at the end of classes or a study session allows your brain time to power down. Plan to take a walk when you’re done for the day!
digital breaks

SCHEDULE DIGITAL BREAKS THROUGHOUT THE DAY Take 10-15 minute digital-free breaks throughout the day to give yourself time to decompress and refocus.

SET A TIME TO STOP EACH DAY It’s easy to let school take over your life when you’re learning from home.  Set a daily time you will stop in order to maintain a healthy balance.