Meet the Dietitian

Providing you with healthy options is something your dining team proudly does every day. We help you select delicious, nutritious and satisfying meals, snacks and desserts by highlighting well-balanced menu choices and providing nutritional information and tips to help you make choices that fit your needs!

Leah Forristall, RD, LDN, is available for complimentary consultations on topics such as:

  • Food allergies, celiac disease, or other special dietary needs
  • Eating healthy on campus
  • Vegan and vegetarian dining
  • Nutrition education and guidance
  • Sports nutrition

The dining team works to create healthy food options across campus and is available to assist students in making sustainable changes to their diet that fit their lifestyle.

Contact Leah.

Talk to Us about Your Food Allergies and Diet Needs!

Students with special dietary needs are expected to communicate their dietary restrictions and requirements to the FSU Dining Team. We take pride in serving you wholesome ingredients, preparing recipes accurately, and providing nutritional analysis and ingredient statements through our online menus. From our general manager to our front line servers, we work carefully to address food allergies, intolerances, and other special dietary needs.

We want to meet one-on-one with you if you have individual dining needs to ensure that your dining experience is safe, delicious, and social. If you have a food allergy/special dietary concern, please contact our Campus Dietitian at to set up a meeting.

For more information on special dietary accommodations, please visit the Framingham State University Disability Services Homepage.

Simple Servings is our allergen-safe, dining option for our customers with food allergies or gluten intolerance. This station offers food free from peanuts, tree nuts, shellfish, wheat, soy, milk products, eggs, and gluten-containing ingredients. Simple Servings staff members are carefully trained to avoid cross-contact with food allergens.

Separate equipment, storage areas, utensils and preparation areas minimize, but do not totally eliminate, the chances of gluten and allergens in our Simple Servings foods. 75% of Simple Servings items also meet our Mindful criteria, which makes it an easy and healthy choice for custmers who are focused on ingredients and portion size to control weight, blood sugar and other health issues.

For more information on Simple Servings, please contact Leah Forristall at 508-626-4602 or email

Simple Zone is our allergen awareness area of the McCarthy Dining Commons designed to offer food products that are gluten, peanut, and tree nut free. The Simple Zone pantry is a self-serve area within the dining hall consisting of a stocked refrigerator as well as a designated microwave and toaster. This station is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Mindful is our Health and Wellness Program that helps make healthy choices easy! We are committed to creating a healthy environment for everyone in the FSU Community. This initiative focuses on the ingredients, portions, and delicious food so that you can make the Mindful choices!

Our Vegan Offerings contain no meat, fish, eggs, milk or any other animal-derived products. There are many other product alternatives that we offer such as vegan sour cream, vegan ranch and more.

Our menus with the vegetarian icon mean that our meals contain no meat, fish, poultry, or any meat products.